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BaktiNet is a match-four game that you can also play online
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BaktiNet is a match-four game that can also be played online. This game is pretty much like Tetris. Two-colored capsules will fall from the top of the board. You will have to rotate those capsules in order to form groups of four or more modules of the same color. Once you form a group, all the modules in that group will disappear from the board, and the empty spaces left behind can then be occupied by new capsules. You will gain points for each group formed.

At the beginning of the game, you will find some colored frogs already on the board. You can combine the falling capsules with these frogs. From time to time, you will benefit from special balls that will clear entire columns, or form groups wherever they fall.

This game can be played locally, in single-player mode, at four levels of difficulty. You can also enjoy it in multiplayer mode, either over your local area network (one of the machines must act as a server) or the Internet, provided you find some online server. The multiplayer mode offers two levels of difficulty.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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